Project status: In progress

How you had YourSay

Thanks to everyone who contributed so far.

Regrettably, we were unable to complete all elements of our stage one engagement due to lockdown, however all comments received so far will be included when we recommence in early 2022.

We will come back to the community then with a revised co-design plan and timeline to ensure all areas of the community still have an opportunity to share their ideas, be heard and work with us to imagine our future libraries together.

Life is changing and so are libraries! Libraries ACT is looking to the future and considering how we can meet the needs of a changing city. We are working with the community to design our future libraries together.

We asked the community to share your thoughts and ideas by:

We are looking at

Libraries have long been more than physical books but a place of learning, inspiration, digital connection and social interaction. Since the beginning of 2020, Libraries ACT has responded to the rapid changes in community needs by evolving its digital services to meet increased demand. Moving into the future, Libraries ACT want to explore how the community might change and how they might do things differently to remain relevant and viable to meet those changing needs.

To get us started, we have been gathering many perspectives – we interviewed some customers, talked with our staff, researched innovative libraries around the world and looked at how our city and community are developing and changing and we asked for your ideas and suggestions.

We will use your views to

Bring the community perspective to our co-design by telling us what is important to you. Our next stage will be to bring all perspectives together and work with community representatives to decide on priorities and draft a plan for the future.