Project status: In progress

How you had YourSay

This engagement is now closed and we are reviewing all of your feedback.

Thanks to everyone who shared their ideas and feedback on the future of libraries by:

  • posting your feedback online
  • providing your photos, videos and ideas in our online imagining tools
  • attending one of our workshops
  • coming into a branch to see our display and submitting your ideas through our comments box
  • emailing us at

We look forward to sharing what we heard with you once we have reviewed all of your feedback.

Project update

Thanks to everyone who has participated in interviews and community workshops, or shared ideas online or on one of the Imagine 2030 stands at our local libraries.

A range of suggestions have been received about what is important to Imagine libraries in 2030 and we really appreciate hearing from you. Listed below are some of the emerging themes.

In 2030, libraries need to:

  • show through various signs and signals that they are a place of belonging for all
  • continue to be places to inspire creativity, connection and learning, throughout a lifetime
  • ensure the physical and online spaces are inviting, accessible and easy to use for all
  • foster collaboration and partnerships in the community to enhance service offerings to meet diverse needs
  • maintain an up-to-date and relevant collection and available resources – physical and online
  • demonstrate sustainable practices.

We are continuing to review feedback and will share further insights with you in the coming weeks.

We are looking at

We are looking at how to create libraries as places that meet changing community needs. Libraries have long been more than physical books but a place of learning, inspiration, digital connection and social interaction. Since the beginning of 2020 with the COVID outbreak, Libraries ACT has responded to the rapid changes in community needs by evolving its digital services to meet increased demand. Moving into the future, Libraries ACT want to explore how the community might change and how they might do things differently to remain relevant and viable to meet those changing needs.

We will use your views to

Bring different perspectives together through a co-design process, so we can develop a meaningful plan for the future of libraries in the ACT.