Please see the options below for the new school uniform. To vote for your preference, complete the survey.

The uniform concepts were developed with consideration regarding gender neutrality, comfort, ease of manufacture, ease of matching colour and distinctiveness from nearby schools.

The final uniform design will include a full suite of uniform items, some of which may not be pictured here. This includes summer and winter options (jackets, jumpers, hoodies, dress and long sleeved shirts), a selection of hats and skorts.

Please note, the uniform concepts are subject to a number of variables based on the final colour and logo choice. These designs should be viewed as a rough concept only.


This concept focuses on a rustic, hand-drawn depiction of a Bettong, a small mouse-like creature reintroduced to Mulligans Flat after nearing extinction. The scratchy pencil outlines gives the logo an organic, down-to-earth and welcoming quality. The touch of imperfection infuses the logo with a natural, human appearance as opposed to a machine-made, mathematically precise look. This mood is comfortably offset by the clean, simple typeface.

An image with three rows. The first row contains a bettong, in a hand-drawn style. It's white and outlined in navy, standing next navy text

Eucalyptus Leaf

The leaf is a great symbol representing growth and life, and can symbolise the flourishing nature of the students, the school, and the community. The use of the eucalyptus leaf in particular also helps to tie the logo in with the surrounding landscape. The bold, serif typeface strikes a comfortable balance of being trustworthy and respected, without being old-fashioned.

An image with three rows. The first row contains a logo of two green leaves on a green stem, stacked over dark green text reading

Sunrise over Throsby

This concept takes a more modern and urban approach, using an angular window frame to view into a beautiful line art sunrise scene. The sunrise contains many symbolic elements, most notably the suggestion of new beginnings, or the start of a journey.

An image with three rows. The first row contains an oval logo of a yellow sun rising over two green hills against a blue sky, next to navy blue text reading


The tree carries many meanings, including life, prosperity, strength and stable growth. The bright colours and unique typeface further embolden the design, resulting in an extremely eye-catching concept.

An image with three rows. The first row contains an image of a tree with a navy blue trunk and branches with a bright blue top to represent leaves. It is next to text reading