The uniform concepts were developed with consideration regarding gender neutrality, comfort, ease of manufacture, ease of matching colour and distinctiveness from nearby schools.

The final uniform design will include a full suite of uniform items, some of which may not be pictured here. This includes summer and winter options (dresses, jackets, jumpers, hoodies, and long sleeved shirts), a selection of hats, head dresses and wraps, and skorts.

The options were:

  • Rolling Hills
  • Sunrise over Molonglo
  • Tree Bark Monogram
  • Australian Reed Warbler

You voted for the Australian Reed Warbler option. The logo, name, and uniform examples are below.

The final uniform and logo design

This concept captures the likeness of the Australian Reed-Warbler, a commonly spotted bird around Canberra’s wetlands including the nearby Molonglo River during its summer migration. They are known for their persistent singing and chattering.

The logo shows the simplicity and beauty of the natural landscape surrounding the school, and the soft colours keep it friendly and elegant.