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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples should be aware that this website may contain the names and images of people who have passed away, particularly on the school name page.

How you had YourSay:

Thank you to everyone who provided feedback on the school name, uniform, and logo. You will find a summary of feedback provided is in the What We Heard Report [PDF][WORD].

As an important facility for the Molonglo Valley community, we asked for the views of local families, teachers, parents of school children, community organisations and the broader Canberra community.

We received your feedback, from 31 July to 24 August 2020, through online voting, resident drop-in sessions, emails and social media which helped us finalise the different aspects of the school’s visual brand.

You voted for:

School name: Evelyn Scott School

School uniform: Australian Reed Warbler concept

Watch the video below to see the new name, uniform, and logo.

If you have any questions and weren’t able to attend a community session, ask them on the Ask a question page.

What we looked at:

The ACT Government is investing in more and better facilities to ensure children have great schools in all regions of Canberra. This involves both building new schools in Canberra’s fastest-growing areas, and upgrading and expanding ACT public schools right across the Territory.

We are working hard to ensure that every child has access to great, accessible and sustainable facilities and school infrastructure that support high-quality education to meet the needs of our growing city.

The Molonglo region has grown to almost 7,000 residents since 2011, and is expected to see Canberra’s most rapid population growth over the coming years. That is why we are building a new public school in the area. Once completed, the new school will cater for preschool to Year 10 students, with the primary school (preschool to year 6) opening in 2021 and the high school (years 7 to 10) opening for the start of the 2023 school year.

We asked the community to tell us what their preferred option is for the name and the uniform for the new school.

How we used your views:

Your views directly contributed to the selection of the new school's name, logo, and uniforms.