Project status: Closed

Phillip Block 1, Section 7 was released in accordance with the Indicative Land Release Program in 2022-23. Engagement is now closed.

Project Update: Place Design Brief and Phase 2 Engagement Outcomes Co-design

Thank you to everyone who contributed to the co-design engagement phase. The outcome is a rich, fulsome Place Design Brief for Phillip Block 1 Section 7 which will guide developers who are tendering for the site.

The Place Design Brief describes a Community Narrative:

This precinct is a thriving mixed-use community that delivers the best in urban living by successfully integrating opportunities to work, live and learn through attainable housing for a broad range of household types, access to a convenient public and active transport network, proximity to education facilities, public amenities and shops, a strong focus on culture, creativity and easy access to green open spaces and nature.

From the Narrative, five Place Objectives were defined:

1. Valuing and connecting to the spirit of place

2. Green and Sustainable

3. Bringing people together across different generations

4. Showcasing the best of urban life

5. Getting Around

You can read the full Place Design Brief and the Co-design engagement reports showing what we heard from community at these links here:


The 14,974m2 Phillip Block 1, Section 7 site is centrally sited between Matilda Street, Bowes Street and Callum Street in Woden Town Centre. Adjacent to the current bus interchange and future light rail, some people will know it as the ‘Matilda St Car Park.’

The Suburban Land Agency (SLA) is developing a Place Design Brief with community to define the opportunities particular to this site and to help create unique experiences and a strong sense of place. We want to hear what is important to you, what inspires and attracts you in public places and streets and to understand what you value about Woden town centre life. This will allow us to activate, create and connect public spaces within the site, identify opportunities for local partnerships and create safe environments to play, work and visit.

This Place Design Brief engagement builds on the 2015 Woden Town Centre Master Plan.

Click onto the maps below to zoom in on the area that we are engaging on.


We completed two phases of engagement:

Phase 1 - Discovery

You can read the full report and see at a glance what we heard from community at these links here:

Phase 2 - Co-design

Outcomes from the first phase of engagement were used to inform the draft vision and themes for the second phase of engagement - the co-design of the Place Design Brief for the Phillip Block 1, Section 7 Land Release Site.

Specific engagement with Ngunnawal Traditional Owners and stakeholders was undertaken with the assistance of specialist consultant Bagariin.

SLA is committed to undertaking a meaningful engagement with the Ngunnawal Traditional Owners and stakeholders and will be guided by them to ensure this project captures their knowledge and the unique social, spiritual, and historical connection to place as part of the engagement, land release and development process.

Phase 2 Co-design activities


Your views have helped us create a Place Design Brief for the Phillip, Block 1, Section 7 site in Woden town centre. The Place Design Brief will establish the non-financial objectives of the site development, provide guidance to future developers of the site and form part of the sales documentation of the site.