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Phillip Block 1, Section 7 is scheduled for release on the Indicative Land Release Program in 2022-23. We are seeking feedback from people who live, work, study and visit Woden town centre to understand opportunities particular to this site. We are developing a Place Design Brief.

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The Discovery phase will run until Sunday 20 November.

We are looking at

The 14,974m2 Phillip Block 1, Section 7 site is centrally sited between Matilda Street, Bowes Street and Callum Street in Woden Town Centre. Adjacent to the current bus interchange and future light rail, some people will know it as the ‘Matilda St Car Park.’

The Suburban Land Agency (SLA) is developing a Place Design Brief with community to define the opportunities particular to this site and to help create unique experiences and a strong sense of place. We want to hear what is important to you, what inspires and attracts you in public places and streets and to understand what you value about Woden town centre life. This will allow us to activate, create and connect public spaces within the site, identify opportunities for local partnerships and create safe environments to play, work and visit.

This Place Design Brief engagement builds on the 2015 Woden Town Centre Master Plan.

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We will use your views to

Your views will help us draft a Place Design Brief for the Phillip, Block 1, Section 7 site in Woden town centre. The Place Design Brief will establish the non-financial objectives of the site development, provide guidance to future developers of the site and form part of the sales documentation of the site.