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Following an extensive review of the Tree Protection Act 2005 and introduction of the ACT Urban Forest Strategy, the ACT Government is planning to introduce new legislation to further strengthen and improve how we manage trees.

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Consultation closes on 2 June 2022.

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The proposed new Urban Forest Bill 2022 will repeal and replace the Tree Protection Act 2005 to improve tree protection on both public and private land and encourage shared care of trees by the ACT Government, industry and the community.

The draft Bill proposes keeping and expanding the main elements of the Tree Protection Act 2005, including protection for large trees on private land (regulated trees), the ACT Tree Register (which recognises exceptional trees) and penalties for those who damage trees without approval. The tree damage application process and criteria for tree removal would be updated to provide greater clarity and streamline the approval process.

Canberrans will be encouraged to consider different sustainable design options when building new structures to safely retain mature trees for current and future generations. The Bill also proposes introducing a tree bond scheme and a canopy contribution framework to ensure that trees are protected, and that when trees are removed, they are replaced.

Community and industry feedback received during the review Tree Protection Act 2005 was used in the development the Draft Urban Forest Bill.

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Feedback received as part of the consultation on the draft Urban Forest Bill will be used to identify any improvements that can be made to the proposed Bill and ensure that the ACT Government clearly communicates what is changing and how it affects you.

Your comments will help guide the finalisation of the Bill and identify how to support you through the change.