Project status: Closed

How you had YourSay:

Canberra’s urban lakes and ponds are a much-loved, iconic part of the Canberra landscape.

They are valued for their beauty, recreational opportunities, and environmental role.

Your feedback was considered in the creating the Final Urban Lakes and Ponds Land Management Plan for all urban lakes and ponds (except Lake Burley Griffin).

You had your say by completing the survey, or contacting us directly to give feedback or a submission.

We were looking at:

Each lake and pond is unique and managed differently to reflect its different values, functions, and needs. You are invited to tell us what is important to you about your local water body to help guide its management.

For more information about the plan and how it works, please visit our management plan information page.

The plan does not include Lake Burley Griffin. Lake Burley Griffin is managed by the National Capital Authority, not the ACT Government.

The vision for Canberra’s urban lakes and ponds

To enrich local communities through the aesthetic, recreational, sporting, tourism, cultural and ecological values of lakes and ponds, and to provide opportunities for people to be involved in their use, care and management.

Your views were used to:

All information received was considered when finalising the management plan.

Any written submissions were acknowledged. An overview of the submissions received are outlined in the listening report under the document library. A Community Engagement Report was alsoreleased outlining comments received during the consultation period.

Names of organisations may be included.

All individuals will be de-identified unless they approve their name going public.