The draft plan outlines how our current urban lakes and ponds—and any new ponds—will continue to be managed and developed to cater for:

  • appropriate water-based recreation and sporting needs of existing and future communities
  • sediment retention, water table recharge benefits and fit-for-purpose water supply
  • water quality improvements, particularly as part of the ACT Healthy Waterways project.

In achieving these goals, our lakes and ponds will become excellent habitat for plants and animals, and will help offset the effects of climate change.

Lakes and ponds are integral to urban and environmental planning to make our city more sustainable and liveable, with green/living infrastructure and places for recreation and sport, tourism and physical and mental wellbeing. They are an essential part of our goal to become a water sensitive city.

The plan is one of a family of plans that cover all public open space and sports grounds in urban parts of the ACT. It updates the 2001 Lakes and Ponds Land Management Plan to:

  • include the many new urban ponds and wetlands that have been built
  • incorporate climate change and likely impacts on lakes and ponds
  • reflect current community values and perceptions relating to lakes and ponds
  • reflect current best science
  • reflect current management, updated legislation and policy documents.

Implementation of the plan will provide opportunities for a diverse range of recreation, sporting and tourism activities, and involve the community in the planning, management and care of lakes and ponds, their immediate surrounds and their environmental, social, cultural and heritage values.