Appropriate and accessible services

People need to be able to access services to meet their needs. This means services in the ACT need to be appropriate and easy to access for everyone, regardless of their gender, ability, background or life experiences.

Service providers need to understand and adapt to the different needs and experiences for people of all genders. This will improve how women and girls experience and access local services.

The ACT Government can improve how it responds to the needs of women and girls by collecting data about how its programs and services are being accessed and used by people of all genders.

People also need to be able to move around our city and access the places and services they need when they need them. This means tailoring services to make sure people who need additional support can easily connect with and access services.

Research shows that women with different experiences face barriers when they try to access services. For example, it can be harder for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women, older women, women from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds and women with disability to access services and support.

What is the ACT Government already doing to make services appropriate and accessible for women and girls?

The ACT Government has programs to help reduce the barriers women face when they need to access services and facilities. This includes funding projects aiming to improve outcomes for women who experience discrimination.

Women’s Legal Centre
The ACT Government funds the Women’s Legal Centre to employ a solicitor to support women experiencing employment and discrimination issues, and who have been impacted by COVID-19.
Making sports facilities female friendly
The ACT Government is upgrading sportsgrounds across Canberra to make sports facilities female friendly and improve community access to training and match play.
ACT Libraries support programs for women and girls
ACT Libraries provide information sessions for women and their children in need of emergency accommodation. They also have programs for women with diverse needs and cultural backgrounds to help with social participation and literacy skills.
Services to support women in the Alexander Maconochie Centre (AMC)
The ACT Government provides programs to support women detainees in the AMC to improve their wellbeing and help prepare for their release with training and skills to support them and their families.