Health and wellbeing

Good health and wellbeing supports Canberrans to better participate in our community. Women have unique and varied health needs and experiences.

There is a need for services and initiatives to respond to the different requirements of women, men and gender diverse people. Some health issues are particularly influential for women’s wellbeing, including contraception and reproductive health, maternity care and birthing options, and the profound impact of past or current trauma and violence.

Research shows certain mental illnesses are more prevalent in women. Women use mental health services more frequently than men and would like a broader range of treatment options than are currently available.

What is the ACT Government is already doing in the health and wellbeing space?

Women’s Health Service
A free service for women, run by women, providing access to nursing, medical, nutrition, and counselling services for vulnerable women in the ACT.

An online triage navigation portal, launched in 2021, supporting young people in the ACT seeking mental health and wellbeing services to meet their needs.

The Eating Disorders Program
A community based service providing assessment and therapy programs for people with an eating disorder.
Removing out-of-pocket costs of abortion services
The ACT Government has invested funding to improve affordability and access to medical and surgical abortions.
Maternal and Child Health Nurses
Supporting new parents and carers with information and health advice. These Registered Nurses hold additional qualifications in maternal, child and family health.
Community Gardens Grants
Grants for community groups to build or expand gardens in their community. This provides important opportunities for women and the wider community to grow and eat fresh food.