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The full participation of women and girls in all areas of society is important for the wellbeing of our whole community. Gender equality benefits everyone.

We all have the power to improve gender equality and we are most effective when government, local organisations and the community work together.

The ACT Women’s Plan 2016-26 is an ambitious 10 year plan to create an ACT that values and respects women and girls and commits to achieving gender equality. It is being implemented through a series of 3 year action plans. The First Action Plan is complete and the Second Action Plan will end in 2022.

We are now developing the final action plan under the ACT Women's Plan, the Third Action Plan. The Third Action Plan will aim to expand on existing work to achieve gender equality and identify areas where more work is needed.

This consultation has closed. A listening report will be released shortly and the Third Action Plan will be released and commence in mid-2023.

For more information about the Third Action Plan, explore the We are looking at section below.

We are looking at

The ACT Government wants to understand how it can improve its programs and services to better address the needs of women and girls.

To help us expand on existing work to improve gender equality, we are focusing on the 5 areas of the Third Action Plan for women.

Click on each priority area for more information on the topis and what the ACT Government is doing to progress these priorities.

We will use your views to

Your feedback will help to shape the Third Action Plan under the ACT Women’s Plan 2016-26.

Consultation outcomes will be published on this page.