Consumer goods are items that we rely on every day in almost every aspect of our lives. We consider consumer goods as a broad category of items consisting of longer-life goods, such as kitchen appliances, furniture and electronics, and shorter-life goods, like packaging and single-use items

Our ambition

A circular economy where improved design and management of consumer goods keeps materials in circulation through collaboration with all levels of government, industry, local businesses and the Canberra community.

Government commitments

  • Legislate requirements for businesses to have separate collections for comingled recycling
  • Continue to phase out problematic and unnecessary single-use plastic items in line with the principles of circular economy
  • Continue to advocate nationally for a consumer’s right to repair

Potential opportunities for the ACT

  • Advocate for changes to product design at the national level
  • Advocate for product stewardship schemes to be established for key consumer goods
  • Identify opportunities where market growth for consumer goods can be supported through regulation, procurement, and the encouragement of circular business models in the ACT
  • Explore opportunities to help Canberrans participate in the transition to a circular economy for consumer goods through informed decision making
  • Work with industry and the community to ensure Canberrans have greater access to reuse and repair options for consumer goods.

Learn more about the circular economy in action

Renewed Appliances, a local Canberran business, keeps consumer goods in circulation through refurbishment and repair. Find out more by reading the case study.