There is an opportunity to identify space for circular economy businesses to cluster, with start-ups, research institutions and established businesses co-located in a hub to promote collaboration and innovation.

Our ambition

To take a regional approach to growing a circular economy which identifies land for enterprises to establish and innovate close to the source of waste generation in the ACT.

Government commitments

  • Progress the ACT waste planning and infrastructure study
  • Complete the Eastern Broadacre planning and work with the National Capital Authority to identify and rezone land to grow the circular economy.

Potential opportunities for the ACT

  • Identify land for a circular economy innovation precinct in the ACT that brings together both small and large companies and non-profit organisations and provides a physical presence for innovation ecosystem focused on the circular economy
  • Ensure industrial land is appropriately recognised, prioritised and protected
  • Work with surrounding councils to explore options for the processing and management of waste.

Learn more about the circular economy in action

Goterra, a Canberra start-up, converts food waste into a valuable resource through innovative insect farming. Goterra's success shows how a circular economy generates economic opportunities and creates local jobs. Find out more by reading the case study.