In the ACT, roughly one-third of household landfill bins is food. When food waste is disposed of in landfill it contributes to harmful greenhouse gas emissions and this resource is wasted.

Our ambition

A circular economy where households, businesses and industry prioritise food waste avoidance or recovery at its highest market value to be returned to the natural environment.

Government commitments

  • Introduce a citywide food organics and garden organics collection service to all Canberra households
  • Mandate businesses to separate and recycle organic waste and develop food waste reduction plans, as part of circular economy legislation.

Potential opportunities for the ACT

  • Support behaviours that recognise the value of food and extend the life of food products
  • Encourage and promote businesses with excess edible food to connect with food relief organisations that can deliver to those who need it
  • Support households and businesses to reduce food waste and separate any unavoidable food waste for collection or processing in a safe and appropriate manner.

Learn more about the circular economy in action

Capital Brewing Co, a Canberran brewery, keeps things circular by diverting brewing by-products and food waste from landfill. Find out more by reading the case study.