Community and stakeholder engagement is vital to the success of this project.

Our engagement plan will focuses on providing as many channels and opportunities as possible to view project information, participate in engagement activities such as workshops or pop-ups, ask questions about the project and the design process and to provide their feedback.

The key stages and elements of the engagement plan are detailed below.

Engagement timeline drawing

The Community Panel

The Community Panel is made up of community representatives who are participating on behalf of a number of community-based groups who have an interest in the development and design of the Arts Precinct. The panel was initially formed in 2019 during an earlier phase of the project.

The role of the Community Panel is to contribute to the project design development reaching Development Approval and co-create a Place Brief by defining what the future public space could bring to the Canberra community.

The Community Panel will also work with the SLA to inform and provide input into documentation for all future Development Applications (DA) - initially the Estate Development Plan (EDP) followed by all Built Form DAs for the arts building and the carpark.

In its deliberations, the Community Panel will:

  • consider how the space will interact with the heritage and existing infrastructure on the site
  • recognise the existing opportunities and constraints of the site and that there is no scope to change the Territory Plan, building heights etc
  • provide insights to guide future private sector development through the Place Brief.

  • Place Brief process

    A consultant has been appointed to develop a visually attractive and highly creative Place Brief for the Arts Precinct. The place consultant will provide technical advice via a series of public co-create workshops throughout March and May, with the overall process finalised in May/June 2022.

    The key community and stakeholder engagement activity during this phase will be two Place Brief co-create workshops. Members of the Community Panel and arts organisations will be invited to attend. Attendance to the workshops will also be open to the broader community to attend and provide input and feedback.

    Estate Development Plan (EDP) workshops

    The Estate Development Plan (EDP) phase will confirm user requirements for purpose-built arts facilities. As part of this process, two workshops will be held to inform the Concept Estate Development Brief. These workshops will help to keep stakeholders informed about consultation process, design changes, and how feedback has been incorporated.

    Statutory Consultation

    A number of statutory consultation processes including pre-DA community consultation will be undertaken. Developers of the Kingston Arts Precinct will be required to undertake meaningful engagement with the community prior to submitting a DA. This process will seek feedback on key project milestones including proposed design / pre-DA and keep stakeholder informed public of project progress