What is a Place Brief?

The Place Brief is a decision making tool that will integrate the ideas and ambitions of the diverse Kingston Arts Precinct of arts organisations and community - the people who live, work and play in the precinct - in a way that brings the precinct to life. It will be a guide for the precinct's direction, management, future development, uses and space activation.

The Place Brief will articulate the multiple users’ aspired place experience and guide the detailed design of the public outdoor areas and built form interfaces. It will describe the overarching vision for the precinct and and guide decision-making through the design, construction, and precinct management phases of this integrated development.

The Place Brief will be an foundationary document to take the current design thinking forward by the design teams for approval of the concepts prior to the EDP. Key stakeholders and the general public will have an opportunity to contribute to discussions around the Place Brief through two public workshops in March / May 2022.

Engagement Co-Create Program

The development of the Place Brief will consider previous input by the community and stakeholders, as well as gather further input through a range of additional engagement and feedback activities.

The engagement activities will form a co-create journey involving interviews, employee surveys, stakeholder walkshops, community self-led walkshops, workshops, and other community and information activities.

Co-Create Workshops

Two Co-Create Workshops will be held in March and May.

The first co-create workshop will be on Thursday 31 March. It will focus on testing the vision and understanding the experiences the community would like to have as the precinct continues to evolve.

Prior to the second co-create workshop, a community panellist Q&A event will be held to discuss the key elements of the precinct. The panel discussion will inform the second co-create workshop, which will cover the access and movement across the precinct, and uses within.