Project status: In Progress

How you had YourSay:

The ACT Government has committed to developing and delivering a Multicultural Recognition Act. We are proud of our rich, multicultural community and this new law will further demonstrate the value that we place on multiculturalism as a community.

To develop the law, we have been talking to the Canberra community to ensure the Act reflects your views.

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Information related to this project is available in a range of languages on the Translated Information page.

The community was asked to take part by:

What we were looking at:

The Multicultural Recognition Act will enshrine the existing Multicultural Advisory Council in legislation and establish a Multicultural Charter for the ACT.

The Multicultural Advisory Council provides advice to the Minister for Multicultural Affairs.

The Multicultural Charter will outline key principles that support the policy of multiculturalism. The Charter will guide the government when developing, delivering and evaluating policy, programs and services that we provide to the community.

A draft discussion paper [.pdf] [.docx] and consultation fact sheet [.pdf] [.docx] has been developed which outlines:

  • the draft Multicultural Charter
  • proposed functions of the Multicultural Advisory Council
  • how the Government will set priorities and report back to the community

Translated versions of the consultation fact sheet can be found on the Translated Information page.

We will use your views to:

Inform the development of the Multicultural Recognition Act. We sought views on:

  • what you think should be included in the Multicultural Charter
  • what multiculturalism means to you, and what principles and values best reflect this in our community
  • the proposed role and make-up of the Multicultural Advisory Council.