Project status: Open

Canberra is a rich, diverse and proudly multicultural community. To acknowledge this, the ACT Government is developing a new law called the Multicultural Recognition Act.

The Multicultural Recognition Act:

  1. Establishes a Multicultural Charter - the Charter sets out principles for supporting diversity, inclusion and belonging. It will guide the government when developing, delivering and evaluating policies, programs and services.
  2. Formalises the Multicultural Advisory Council - this group advises the Minister for Multicultural Affairs on issues of concern for culturally and linguistically diverse communities.
  3. Requires ACT Government agencies to report on ow they are promoting and implementing the Act.

We are now seeking the views of the community on 3 specific areas:

An introduction to the draft law and an outline of the key issues for discussion are presented in the information paper Shaping the Multicultural Recognition Act for the ACT.

The draft law can be found on the ACT Legislation Register at: Multicultural Recognition Bill 2022 | Exposure drafts (

Information on how to access translated material and interpreters is available in multiple languages on the translation and interpretation page.

How to have your say

There are lots of ways to have your say. We invite you to share your views through:

  1. Leaving a quick comment
  2. Completing a survey
  3. Uploading a submission
  4. Attending a consultation session
  5. Sending feedback directly to

How we will use your feedback

This is the second round of community consultations on the development of the Multicultural Recognition Act.

In the first round of consultations, we released a discussion paper, Towards a Multicultural Recognition Act for the Australian Capital Territory, to guide development of the proposed legislation.

We held conversations online, face-to-face and directly with stakeholders, and received several formal submissions.

We heard from you about:

  • The need for a set of guiding principles expressed in a Charter that defines what our ACT community strives towards.
  • Formalising the Multicultural Advisory Council to advocate on behalf of the multicultural community.
  • The need for regular reporting by Government to the ACT community.

The feedback directly informed the development of the draft Multicultural Recognition Act. Read the Listening Report here.

Following the current round of community consultation, we will update the proposed Act to reflect the feedback we have received.

This will then be considered by Cabinet before being presented to the ACT Legislative Assembly in late 2022.

The proposed Act may be referred to a standing committee for inquiry before being debated by members of the Legislative Assembly. Once agreed it will be passed and become law.