North Canberra Renewal 2018

We're getting ready for a city that will be home to 500,000 people by 2030. We're growing rapidly with 7,000 new Canberrans every year. Rich with history, open spaces and community assets, our conversations cover the spectrum of challenges within an urban city including where people will live and how easily they will move around North Canberra.

As North Canberra renews, we want communities to continue to be inclusive, innovative, healthy, smart, active and fun.

Know when the conversations start

We're ensuring you know when the conversation starts by providing opportunities to have your say on multiple projects at once and coordinating wherever possible.

North Canberra is emerging as one of the most exciting places to live, study and work in Canberra.

  • Connected to the city by a modern transport network
  • Providing a mix of housing for students, families, professional, low incomes and senior Canberrans
  • Creating state of the art campuses for learning
  • Maintaining rich and rewarding greenspaces
  • Expanding its vibrant food and lifestyle experiences

What we've heard so far

We've heard that it's important to maintain greenspaces to support the active, outdoor lifestyle you currently enjoy. We also understand the need to preserve the character and heritage of some of Canberra's oldest suburbs as we plan for the future.

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