This project is closed for feedback

The ACT Government sought feedback on proposed amendments to ACT legislation which regulates same-day alcohol supply. The aim of this regulation is to address the issues and safety concerns presented by this emerging retail service.

The ACT Government is considering reforms to:

  • regulate the online ordering of alcohol
  • regulate the online order deliveries of alcohol
  • protect same day delivery drivers.

Note: For the purposes of this consultation, we used the term ‘alcohol’ when referring to liquor as defined in the Liquor Act 2010 (ACT) as ‘alcohol’ is a broader and more commonly used term and more easily recognised by the community.

How you had YourSay

Consultation for enhancing the protections of online ordering of alcohol and same day delivery of alcohol in the ACT closed on 14 September 2023.

We recommended you read the information relating to retailers, customers and delivery drivers outlined below or read the Discussion Paper.

You provided feedback on the proposals in the Discussion Paper in several ways.

Who will the changes apply to?

The proposed amendments will impact retailers of alcohol, customers and delivery services.

This includes existing off licences or businesses holding general licences who offer the following services in the ACT:

  • online same-day sales and delivery of alcohol to customers
  • delivery businesses and platforms that deliver same-day alcohol orders, whether or not their deliveries are accompanied by food
  • people who offer same-day alcohol delivery on crowdsourcing/task -matching platforms; or
  • any other businesses that directly deliver or arrange delivery of alcohol to the public on the same day it is ordered.

Feedback collected during the consultation period will be used to inform the proposed amendments to the Liquor Act 2010. These amendments aim to reduce harm and enhance community safety.