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Currently, to place an order, a customer usually accesses the provider’s website, creates a profile, places their order and pays electronically. When a delivery driver arrives at a customer’s premises, they are required to request proof of age.


Retailers will have the option to either ask for verification with every purchase or store this information securely for future purchases.

Retailers will be required to use card pre-authorisation when an order is made online:

  • Pre-authorisation ensures a card has funds and is valid and guarantees payments from users to providers.

  • When a customer makes a purchase, card details are registered, and funds are placed on hold. The hold lasts for a set period, usually up to five days; the money is reserved and cannot be spent.

  • At the end of the hold period, the amount is charged to the card, and the payment is completed, or the amount is released back to the user if the payment does not to go ahead, and the payment is cancelled.
  • Online ordering platforms must allow for completion of the digital transaction onsite only after the delivery driver has electronically registered a completed sale.

Other considerations

  • Explicitly place restrictions on deliveries to places such as schools and /or to alcohol free places such as Belconnen Skate Park and other alcohol-free places as defined in ACT liquor legislation (see Regulation 31, Liquor Regulation 2010 - Permanent alcohol-free places).
  • The liquor licence number of the licensee will be required to be displayed on all media promoting same day delivery services (eg websites, texts, advertisements).
  • Providers must put in place facilities/safeguards to ensure customers can self-exclude from liquor delivery.
  • Same-day delivery providers will be required to capture delivery data to report to Access Canberra every 12 months, showing the volume of packaged alcohol they delivered in ACT as part of same-day deliveries by each postcode. This data will inform future policy work including informing public health messaging and programs.

How to have YourSay

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