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Our city is growing. With more people living and working in Canberra than ever before, we need a planning system that can facilitate this growth without compromising the characteristics of the city that we value.

The new planning system will deliver better outcomes for communities, the environment and people across Canberra. The reforms include a new Planning Act, new district strategies and a new Territory Plan.

The new district strategies and Territory Plan are currently out for public consultation. They will influence your suburb, your shops, your travel options and your access to employment, parks and waterways. Your feedback will help us understand your future needs and priorities and make sure they are reflected in the district strategies and Territory Plan.

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How you can help shape the planning reforms

Since the start of the Planning System Review and Reform Project in 2019, we have been listening to the community, industry, and professional associations to inform changes to the planning system. We are now asking for your feedback on the draft district strategies and the draft new Territory Plan (and its accompanying documents) to help shape the final documents. This means the final documents (which are due for release in 2023) will be created in a way that meets the needs and aspirations of as many Canberrans as possible, recognising the wide and varied desires of the Canberra community.

We are looking at

Because planning affects you, we want your help in making the reforms work for you. Watch the video below to find out more about the new planning system and how the reforms will help shape the future of our city.

The key changes to the planning system are:

  • a new Planning Act (Planning Bill)
  • a new Territory Plan
  • introducing district strategies

We have already introduced a draft Planning Bill to set the scene for our current consultation—the introduction of district strategies and a new Territory Plan.

Overview of the new planning system