Using Wellbeing to Guide the Planning System

30 July 2019
Image of two people at the Kingston foreshore.

The ACT Government is currently undertaking work on a series of Wellbeing Indicators to inform government policy into the future. The Indicators will consider what we value as a community and want to prioritise when it comes to our health, living standards, environment and communities.

Our places and spaces, and the way that we plan and deliver them for Canberra’s communities, is also linked to our wellbeing.

In a series of workshops run in May 2019, we heard from stakeholders that wellbeing is important to our planning and should be considered as we review the planning system. To explore what wellbeing means to Canberrans within a planning context, we will be drawing on the Wellbeing Indicators work to inform our planning review conversations.

What this means is that we will be asking you about wellbeing once, rather than having the same conversations over again with community. Then, we will be taking a deeper dive into our engagement for the ACT Planning Review and asking you about some of the themes important to our planning system including climate resilience, zoning, building use and district level planning.

By taking what we’ve heard in the wellbeing conversation and previous engagements about what we value across Canberra, we’re hoping to make the most of your time and have new conversations across Canberra about planning.

Shortly we will be releasing a survey to capture your views and ideas, so make sure to ‘follow’ the ACT Planning Review project on YourSay to have your say when the time comes.