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Consistent with the Coombs and North Coombs Estate Development Plans, and the Coombs Landscape Strategy, a Play Space is currently being planned for Edgeworth Parade, adjacent to Holden’s Creek Pond. The Play Space is intended to be an inclusive play space with something of interest for all ages as well as visitors to Holden’s Creek Pond and the Molonglo River Corridor.

In August 2019 the SLA appointed an independent consultancy, Communication Link, to develop and undertake the Stage 2 Engagement with community. This focused on:

  • the views on the draft design within individual stakeholder groups including local residents, existing and future users of Holdens Creek Pond and surrounds and interested community or stakeholder groups,
  • the size, scale and proposed inclusions in the current design, and
  • the application of the new Transport Canberra and City Services standards for Municipal Infrastructure (published in April 2019).

Project Update

The second round of community engagement for the Coombs Play Space at Holden’s Creek Pond has now concluded and an independent consultation report has been provided to the Suburban Land Agency.

During the six week consultation program, representatives of Communication Link engaged with the community at four pop-up events, including the Molonglo Valley Markets, three on-site outreach events, two community workshops as well as feedback from door-knocking, meeting with near neighbours and a survey. 350 pieces of feedback were recorded over a 6 week period.

To see what was said, please click into the below documents. The majority of the Appendices are in a second document as some of them are quite large:

Thank you to all those who provided valuable feedback. The SLA has now reviewed this feedback and a revision to the design is being undertaken.

To read what is included in the final design specification and to stay connected to the information regarding this project, please visit the Suburban Land Agency website

About Coombs

Coombs is located on the eastern side of the Molonglo Valley's main arterial road, John Gorton Drive.

With a cleverly designed layout, residents of Coombs enjoy the best of both worlds - a tranquil place to live with magnificent views of the surrounding mountains, and easy connection to facilities that support a thriving community.

Coombs is also Canberra’s doorstep to nature, and is surrounded by walking trails, the Molonglo River, bike paths and parks. A fitness circuit with high quality equipment has also been created to make exercise convenient and fun. The 25 fitness stations support flexibility, strength, cardio and balance and are easily accessed by residents of Coombs and Wright with stations dispersed across both suburbs.

To find out more, head to the Suburban Land Agency website here.

Proposed park site:

Proposed park site: