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We're getting ready for a city that will be home to 500,000 people by 2030. We're growing rapidly with 8,000 new Canberrans every year. As Canberra grows, we are supporting sustainable urban renewal that enhances the qualities we value in our capital.

Woden is entering a period of growth and renewal, with many private and government developments planned or underway.

The region already provides convenient access to Canberra Hospital and medical services, major retail and employment, schools and educational institutions as well as serving as a major southern interchange for commuters.

Through its renewal, Woden will become a modern urban environment where people live, work, study and move with ease.

As Woden renews, we want communities to continue to be inclusive, innovative, healthy, smart, active and fun.

Our conversations about what's happening in Woden cover a wide range of initiatives, developments, projects and challenges which we want community to be involved in.

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